Keto Chicken Tortilla Soup

keto chicken tortilla soup

There are few soups that are as packed with flavor as this keto Chicken Tortilla Soup. The broth is rich and spicy, the veggies are tender, and the chicken is cooked just right. Topped with a variety of garnishes, this is comfort food in a bowl! Loaded with big and bold flavors, there are no … Read more

Baked Ricotta Dip with Parmesan and Tomatoes

baked ricotta dip with parmesan and tomatoes in a black dish

WOW! Check out the flavors in this amazing Baked Ricotta Dip with Parmesan and Tomatoes! When you need a shareable appetizer or snack, this amazing keto ricotta dip will surely impress! Not only is it deceptively easy to make, but it’s irresistible with all your favorite dippers! Hungry? Read on and I, Chef Jenn, will … Read more

Keto White Chicken Chili

keto white chicken chili

Creamy, a bit spicy, and loaded with Southwestern flavors, keto White Chicken Chili is a must-try for anyone who loves flavorful food! It’s also an easy fix, and with so much hearty goodness, you’ll go back for seconds! Hungry? Thick, chunky, and loaded with tender chicken, this easy-peasy keto chili recipe is made in a … Read more

Cold Asparagus Salad with Lemon and Parmesan

cold asparagus salad with lemon and parmesan on a platter

I LOVE asparagus – I love it hot, cold, grilled, fried, and raw. But this Cold Asparagus Salad with Lemon and Parmesan has a special place on my table because it is soooo crazy flavorful. Lemon, Parmesan, and shallots blend perfectly with the asparagus, creating a mouth-watering side or salad nobody will be able to … Read more

Keto Philly Cheesesteak Chaffle Sandwich

keto philly cheesesteak chaffle sandwich

Ditch the high-carb hoagie and dive into a meaty, cheesy, delicious Keto Philly Cheesesteak Chaffle sandwich instead! It’s flavor-packed and so easy to make, and I’ll show you how! Hungry? Read on and I, Chef Jenn, will show you all my tips and tricks to make this delish ketoized version of the popular sandwich! Craving … Read more

Keto Roast Beef

sliced roast beef on a board with a fork

Cooking the perfect keto Roast Beef isn’t hard, and with my tips and tricks, you’ll have perfectly tender and oh-so juicy beef for keto sandwiches, soups, casseroles, and more. Plus, there’s nothing like a protein-rich slice of luscious roast beef to take the edge off your hunger. Read on and I, Chef Jenn, will show … Read more

Keto Cream of Asparagus Soup

keto cream of asparagus soup

Few things are as delicious as a velvety bowlful of keto Cream of Asparagus Soup. I’ve mastered the art of making this soup. With a bright color and luscious flavor, this is a top pick for all asparagus lovers. Hungry? Read on and I, Chef Jenn, will show you my time-tested and proven tips and … Read more

Keto Stuffed Peppers – Italian Style

keto stuffed peppers on a plate

Ground beef, Italian sausage, cauliflower rice, and plenty of cheese make these keto stuffed peppers so satisfying! Perfect for a delicious and easy dinner, read on and I, Chef Jenn, will show you all my tips and tricks to make this amazing meal turn out perfectly every time! Searching for an easy weeknight dinner that’s … Read more

Bacon & Asparagus Keto Breakfast Casserole – Instant Pot

keto breakfast casserole on a yellow plate

Loaded with flavor and tasty ingredients and made effortlessly in your Instant Pot, this Bacon & Asparagus keto breakfast casserole is one you just can’t miss! Perfect for breakfast, brunch or lunch, read on and I, Chef Jenn, will show you all my tips and tricks to make this flavor-packed dish in no time! Whether … Read more

Fiesta Chicken – Smoked Chicken Breast

smoked chicken breast on a platter with cucumbers salsa in the background

Nothing says summer like smoked low-and-slow meats, and this tasty smoked chicken breast recipe is decked out with a flavorful rub that pairs oh-so nicely with the smoke flavor. No smoker? No problem – I’ll tell you how to make this on the grill, too. Hungry? Read on and I, Chef Jenn, will show you … Read more

Keto Taco Casserole

keto taco casserole in a square casserole dish

Meaty, cheesy, and with loads of flavor, there’s nothing quite like this hearty and satisfying keto Taco Casserole. Pair your meal with a keto friendly margarita and let the fiesta begin! When you’re craving Mexican-inspired flavors but want something you can throw together in minutes, it doesn’t get any better than Keto Taco Casserole. It’s … Read more

Instant Pot Sauerkraut & Sausage

Instant pot sauerkraut & Sausage on a platter

With this super easy and totally tasty Instant Pot Sauerkraut & Sausage recipe, you can have something delicious on the table in no time! Follow me, Chef Jenn, as I show you how to make these dump-and-go Instant Pot Sauerkraut everyone will love! Everyone is pressed for time these days, making staying on your keto … Read more

Juicy Smoked Bacon-Wrapped Pork Loin

smoked bacon wrapped pork loin on a cutting board

Loaded with flavor, this succulent, juicy, and tender bacon-wrapped pork loin recipe is a keeper! Read on and I, Chef Jenn, will show you all my chef tips and tricks to make this amazing keto pork loin recipe perfectly every time! Not everything that goes into a smoker needs to be covered in a brown … Read more


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