Cool and Creamy Keto Coleslaw

keto coleslaw in a bowl with a fork

Nothing says summer better than cool and creamy keto Coleslaw, and this recipe has the flavors, the tanginess, and the crunch you’re craving! Super easy to make and ready in a jiffy, it tastes even better the next day! Easy to make with common ingredients, you can start with a bag of pre-shredded coleslaw mix … Read more

Instant Pot Sauerkraut & Sausage

Instant pot sauerkraut & Sausage on a platter

With this super easy and totally tasty Instant Pot Sauerkraut & Sausage recipe, you can have something delicious on the table in no time! Follow me, Chef Jenn, as I show you how to make these dump-and-go Instant Pot Sauerkraut everyone will love! Everyone is pressed for time these days, making staying on your keto … Read more

Skillet Cabbage and Sausage

keto cabbage and sausage side dish in a square skillet

What do you get when you combine the amazing flavor or sauteed cabbage with the smoky deliciousness of smoked pork sausage? You get Skillet Cabbage and Sausage, and this is one side dish everyone – keto or not – will love! You’ll be the kitchen hero when you make this dish which is hearty enough … Read more

Cabbage Roll in a Bowl

Cabbage Roll in a Bowl with a fork.

It’s not pretty, but boy is it quick and tasty! Cabbage Roll in a Bowl, with just a few carbs per serving, is one of those stick-to-your-ribs kinds of meals that’s ready in a jiffy! Inexpensive and delish – what’s not to love? Cabbage Roll in a Bowl is one of those save-dinner meals. You … Read more

Skillet Cabbage with Bacon & Garlic

Cooked Skillet Cabbage with Bacon and Garlic.

Keto Cabbage with Bacon is a hearty and versatile dish that you can make again and again. Loaded with flavor from the smoky bacon and the kiss of garlic, it’s a cheap and quick side dish or even main event. Follow me, Chef Jenn, and I’ll show you all my best tips and tricks for … Read more

Keto Egg Roll in a Bowl

keto egg roll in a bowl on a plate

Keto Egg Roll in a Bowl is a classic keto and low-carb recipe, and it is also an easy and tasty dish that comes together in no time, making it a great choice for weeknight dinners. Follow me, Chef Jenn, and I’ll show you all my best tips and tricks for making this amazing easy … Read more


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