Keto Breakfast Sandwich with Sausage

a stack of keto sausage biscuit sandwiches on a plate

Perfect for your keto breakfast on the go, a keto Breakfast Sandwich with sausage is just what you need to get your day started the tasty and keto way! Totally make-ahead-able, these tasty sausage biscuits are loaded with flavor. It all starts with a flaky and delish cheddar-packed biscuit, and with a juicy and flavorful … Read more

32 Keto Side Dishes for Christmas

32 christmas side dish recipes

The holidays are usually a time for over-indulging, but this year, you can stay true to your keto lifestyle with a keto Christmas dinner! I hand-picked this collection of keto side dishes for your Christmas feast, so that you can enjoy something delicious AND still keto! When I was still a chef, we would make … Read more

The BEST Leftover Turkey Keto Recipes

banner for 17 leftover turkey recipes

If your holiday feast is anything like my keto holiday feast, you’ll have plenty of leftover turkey. I always look at all that sliced, delicious turkey and wonder what to do with it. I get bored of the same old recipes, so I’ve compiled a list of the BEST leftover turkey keto recipes on the … Read more


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