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The BEST Leftover Turkey Keto Recipes

If your holiday feast is anything like my keto holiday feast, you’ll have plenty of leftover turkey. I always look at all that sliced, delicious turkey and wonder what to do with it. I get bored of the same old recipes, so I’ve compiled a list of the BEST leftover turkey keto recipes on the planet! (Leftover chicken also works in all of these recipes.) Check out these keto turkey recipes and feast on something delicious!

1. Broccoli Casserole with Turkey

keto turkey broccoli casserole in a white casserole dish
Broccoli Casserole with Turkey

With a buttery topping, loads of turkey, and a succulent sauce, this keto Broccoli Casserole with Turkey is the perfect way to use leftover turkey. Delish!

2. Turkey & Cranberry Chaffwich

leftover turkey cranberry chaffle sandwich
Leftover Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich – keto style

It doesn’t get much more fabulous than this Turkey & Cranberry sandwich done chaffle style. Check out the sourdough chaffle I used to make it!

3. Leftover Turkey Soup with Veggies

keto leftover turkey vegetable soup in bowls with spoons
Leftover Turkey Soup with Veggies

Loaded with keto friendly veggies and a savory and delicious homemade turkey broth, this soup is an instant hit. Plus, it freezes fabulously so you can enjoy it months later!

4. Mexican Turkey Soup with Lime

Two bowls of Mexican Turkey Soup with a side of salsa.
Move over boring soup, this is one of the best tasting leftover turkey keto recipes out there! With a hint of lime and big, bold Mexican flavors, get ready to dig-in!

5. Homemade Turkey Broth

Homemade Turkey Broth is rich, savory and loaded with collagen and protein.

6. Creamy Mushroom-Turkey Bake

creamy turkey mushroom bake on a plate
It doesn’t get much tastier than this creamy, cheesy and savory use of leftover turkey. Make this Creamy Turkey-Mushroom Bake today!

7. Leftover Turkey Casserole with Veggies

leftover turkey keto casserole
Loaded with veggies and a velvety sauce, this is a one-pot hearty meal and delicious use of leftover turkey.

8. Turkey Calzones

keto turkey calzones
Made with keto-friendly fathead dough, these flavor-packed turkey calzones are going to get gobbled up by the whole family!

9. Turkey Casserole with Bacon & Blue Cheese

turkey casserole with bacon and blue cheese on a plate

10. Homestyle Leftover Turkey Soup

leftover turkey soup recipe
It doesn’t get much more satisfying or comforting than a big bowlful of this leftover Turkey Soup, keto and filling, this recipe is a keeper!

11. Cheesy Turkey & Broccoli Bake

cheesy turkey and broccoli bake
With a handful of ingredients, this quick to prepare dish can be on the table in no time! Filled with cheese, broccoli and lots of leftover turkey, all you need is a fork!

12. Leftover Turkey Stew

leftover turkey stew in a bowl
With chunks of tender veggies, a rich and savory broth, and plenty of leftover turkey, this leftover turkey slow cooker recipe is a keeper!

13. Easy Leftover Turkey Casserole with Mayonnaise

leftover turkey casserole with mayonnaise
In the oven in about 10 minutes, it doesn’t get any easier than this leftover turkey casserole with cranberries, beans, mayonnaise and more!

14. Low-Carb Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich

low carb thankgiving turkey sandwich
With all the flavors of the holidays tucked inside a savory and keto-friendly bread, this is one sandwich you can really dig in to!

15. Kentucky Hot Brown Turkey Casserole

kentucky hot brown casserole with turkey
Turn your leftover turkey into a keto recipe that’ll win rave reviews! Hot, saucy, and oh-so tasty, this is a clever use of leftovers!

16. Turkey Salad

keto turkey salad recipe
Move over chicken, there’s a new bird in town! This turkey salad is creamy, moist, and perfect for noshing on right out of the bowl!

17. Foolproof Turkey Bone Broth

turkey bone broth keto
Rich, nutritious and full of flavor, this foolproof method lets you cook turkey bone broth from that leftover turkey carcass!
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  1. What a tasty selection of recipes to make with your leftovers! Will certainly be giving some a try after Christmas.


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