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21 5-Ingredient Thanksgiving Easy Keto Side Dish Recipes

Making a Thanksgiving feast is a big job, and when you’re looking for easy keto side dish recipes, none are tastier or easier than these 5-Ingredient Thanksgiving keto holiday recipes. With just a handful of ingredients (not including salt and pepper), you can add a variety of fabulous sides to this year’s keto holiday meal!

1. Keto Cranberry Sauce

keto cranberry sauce in serving bowls
Low Carb Cranberry Sauce is a must on any holiday table!

2. Skillet Cabbage with Bacon & Garlic

skillet cabbage with bacon & Garlic in a serving bowl
Savory cabbage, salty bacon, and a hit of garlic make this keto side dish a must-try for your keto holiday meal!

3. Pickled CAuliflower

keto pickled cauliflower in glass jars
Add a crunchy element to your keto holiday table with these sweet and tangy keto pickles!

4. Skillet Keto Cabbage & Sausage

skillet cabbage and sausage in a black serving bowl
Super easy and delicious, smoked sausage and cabbage are a perfect pairing in this Cabbage & Sausage side dish.

5. Parmesan Broccoli with Garlic

keto broccoli with garlic and parmesan on a black plate
Put your air fryer to work with this delicious keto air fryer recipe. Made in a jiffy, keto Parmesan Broccoli is a perfect keto Thanksgiving side dish!

6. Asparagus with Lemon Sauce

easy keto asparagus with lemon sauce
You’re just 5 ingredients away from making this stunning keto asparagus recipe! Keto Asparagus with Lemon Sauce is a terrific keto Thanksgiving side dish recipe!

7. Beans with Bacon

yellow string beans with bacon on a rectangular plate
You can use green or yellow beans with this easy keto recipe. Make it ahead of time and reheat just before serving for an easy keto side dish recipe! Keto Beans with Bacon is always a hit!

8. Skillet Braised Kale with Garlic

Skillet Braised Kale with Garlic in a serving dish.
This remarkably easy keto side dish is packed with flavor and plenty of nutrition!

9. Cucumber Dill Salad

German cucumber dill salad
This keto side dish idea is a great choice to lighten things up a bit. It is cool, creamy, and refreshing!

10. Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus Bites

bacon wrapped asparagus bites
This easy keto recipe is a blast to make and eat! Just be sure to make enough, because they’ll get gobbled up quickly.

11. Instant Pot Buttered Cabbage

simple keto recipe for instant pot buttered cabbage
Simple keto vegetable recipes have never been tastier than this Instant Pot Buttered Cabbage Recipe.

12. Keto Cauliflower Mashed “Potatoes”

creamy keto cauliflower mashed potatoes
You won’t even miss the carbs with this creamy and satisfying easy keto recipe!

13. Bacon-Wrapped Green Bean Bundles

keto side dish recipe for bacon wrapped green bean bundles.
Make extra, because this keto recipe is almost too pretty to eat!

14. Cheesy Roasted Asparagus

keto side dish recipe of cheesy roasted asparagus on a pan
This keto asparagus recipe is going to knock your socks off! Melted cheese pairs perfectly with this keto one-pan side dish!

15. Bok Choy Salad

keto bok choy salad in a serving bowl
Add some Asian flavors to your keto Thanksgiving meal with this oh-so delicious bok choy salad!

16. Garlic & Parmesan-Roasted Radishes

garlic parmesan roasted radishes
Garlic AND Parmesan Roasted Radishes? Yes, please! Wow your guests with this amazing keto side dish recipe!

17. Green Beans with Mushrooms & Shallots

keto green beans with mushrooms and shallots recipe
The sweetness of green beans balances nicely with the savoriness of mushrooms in this elegant keto vegetable recipe that’s perfect for entertaining.

18. Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Leeks

keto brussles sprouts with bacon and leeks
For more keto Thanksgiving side dish ideas, check out this Brussles sprouts recipe. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without these green gems!

19. Garlic Broccoli

simple keto broccoli with garlic
Don’t let this simple keto recipe fool you, this keto side dish packs a big flavor punch! And besides, who doesn’t love broccoli!

20. Pan-Roasted Radishes with Parsley

keto pan roasted radishes with parsley in a serving bowl
Fresh parsley gives this yummy keto radish recipe a bump in flavor!

21. Roasted Kale & Napa Cabbage

roasted kale and nappa cabbage
With a milder flavor, Napa cabbage gets a lovely nutty flavor when roasted with kale in this easy keto vegetable recipe.

With 21 truly tasty easy keto side dish recipes to try, your next Thanksgiving feast is sure to be a fabulous one! For even more Thanksgiving deliciousness, check out this collection of classic Keto Thanksgiving Sides.

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