Easy Keto Chaffle Pizzas

chaffle pizza topped with mushroom and sausage

These keto Chaffle Pizzas are light, crispy, not too eggy, and can be topped just the way you like them. Grab the pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, peppers, onions…all your favorite pizza toppings, and get chaffling today! While the quest for the perfect keto pizza crust goes on, you can enjoy a fabulous personal-size pizza chaffle-style! What’s … Read more

Keto Pizza Sauce

pizza sauce in a bowl with garlic and cheese in the background

Are you tired of spending big bucks for commercial keto pizza sauce? Never fear, Chef Jenn is here and I’m sharing with you all my tips and tricks to make this succulent, rich, and seasoned-just-right keto pizza sauce! If I had a nickel every time someone bought expensive commercial keto pizza sauce or tomato sauce, … Read more