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Keto Gifts for Christmas 2019

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Christmas is just around the corner, and regardless if you’re buying for yourself, or a friend or loved one who is doing keto, there’s nothing better than unwrapping keto gifts for the holidays!

I’ve scoured Amazon putting together a list of 30 fun, useful, and whimsical keto-related items for your holiday shopping. From handy appliances to novelty gifts, there’s something here for everyone!

1. HighKey Snacks Keto Mini Low Carb Cookies

Everybody loves chocolate chip cookies, and now you can cure your next snack attack with these tasty and oh-so cute mini low-carb cookies!

2. Keto Resource Fridge Magnets

Never again stare into an open fridge and wonder if apples are keto or if you can eat that sliced ham. These clever cards also have the macros figured out for you. Now with these handy keto resource magnets right on your fridge, staying true to your keto diet will be easy!

3. Dash Mini Waffle Maker – Chaffles!

Chaffles are one of the hottest trends in the keto world in 2019 – using a simple recipe and simple ingredients, and of course one of these amazing Dash Mini Waffle Makers, sweet and savory chaffles are just a few minutes away!

4. Dash Mini Egg Bite Maker

Chaffles are SO 2019 – in 2020, I predict it’ll be all about egg bites. Convenient, versatile, and oh-so tasty, these are just like the Starbucks sous vide egg bites, only CHEAPER and TASTIER! Get your hands on a Dash Mini Egg Bite Maker now and stay ahead of the trend!

5. Motivational Water Bottle

Available in a variety of colors, these fun water bottles will help you get in your daily H2O! Have fun while drinking your water, and watch those ounces go down, sip by sip!

6. Lodge 6-quart Dutch Oven

This lidded pot will last you a lifetime! Made of heavy Lodge cast iron, this pot is perfect for everything from slow-cooking soups to baking casseroles in the oven. Available in a variety of colors, it’s big enough to make casseroles fit for a crowd! Lodge quality and Lodge standards make these Dutch ovens ideal keto gifts!

7. Instant-Pot – 6-in-1

Instant Pots took the world by storm a few years ago, and if you’ve held out this long for one, maybe this is the holiday to ask for one? These multi-function small appliances save time in the kitchen, and there are a bazillion keto Instant Pot recipes out there to try.

8. “I Run on Bacon, Butter & Coffee” T-Shirt

Tell the world you’re doing keto and are proud of it! This fun T-shirt is a must for anyone doing keto, and just like it says, ketoers run on bacon and butter!

9. Keto Cook Book “Perfectly Pork

The ideal gift for any keto cook, including yourself, this keto cook book “Perfectly Pork” has 17 amazing, delicious, and keto-approved recipes for you to try!

10. 5-Pack of Organic Spices

For the keto cook in your life, this 5-pack of spices is just the thing to help them out in the kitchen! Fresh organic spices are a keto gift that keeps on giving!

11. “Keto Queen” Mug

Yes, you are keto royalty! Perfect for sipping water or your morning bulletproof coffee, this cute mug is fun and functional, and it makes one of those perfect keto gifts!

12. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Eggs are a keto dieter’s best friend, and with this handy Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, you can enjoy eggs in a flash! Morning, noon, dinner, or snacks, eggs are the perfect food and they’re always perfect when cooking in this handy device!

13. Pork Rinds Breadcrumbs

Get your crunchy back with these AMAZING pork rinds breadcrumbs which are perfect keto gifts! No carbs were harmed in the making of these breadcrumbs, and with a whole jarful of them, you will be breading and frying like a pro!

14. Spiralizer

Fun to eat AND make, a spiralizer is the perfect keto gift for anyone who loves to cook, or who is learning to make keto recipes. Sturdy stainless steel and a variety of attachments will help you be a keto chef in your kitchen!

15. Keto Diet Journal

Apps are fine and can be handy, but sometimes it’s easier to record weight, inches, macros, and meals in a handy book. This Keto Diet Journal was made for the keto dieter! Convenient and easy to use, it’s the perfect keto stocking stuffer!

16. Large Skillet with Lid

To be successful with keto, one must cook, and when cooking, there are few pans as convenient as a solid non-stick skillet with a fitted lid. There are so many recipes on this site that advise using a skillet like this, so set yourself up for success and ask for this as one of your keto gifts!

17. 10-Pack Organic Spices

Twice as good as a 5-pack of organic spices, this clever and handy set of spices will bring out the culinary genius in your keto cook! High-quality spices and interesting blends let you get creative in the kitchen!

18. Ketones Blood Testing Kit

Say goodbye to messy and inaccurate pee strips and say hello to this super-accurate and easy to use Ketones Blood Testing Kit. Everything you need to track your state of ketosis is all bundled in this one handy kit – it makes a great keto holiday gift!

19. Complete Guide to Fasting

Most ketoers fast, and with so much misinformation on the Internet, it can be hard to figure out if you’re doing it right or not. Go to the source! This handy book tells you all about fasting, and all it’s variations!

20. Stevia Drops

Totally keto-approved, with these stevia drops, you can add sweetness to just about anything, drop by drop!

21. Food Scale

Having a reliable food scale is imperative when on keto, and this handy scale will help you know exactly how many carbs you’re getting, ounce by ounce!

22. Fat Bomb Maker

Make professional-looking fat bombs with this handy fat bomb maker. Easy to use and wash up when you’re done, you’ll be nibbling away happily on perfectly round fat bombs in no time!

23. Soda Stream Starter Bundle

Kick the carbs in sugar-loaded sodas with this handy and all-around fabulous Soda Stream. I was addicted HARD to soda, but was able to wean myself off those sugary drinks thanks to my Soda Stream – it was the best money I ever spent on an appliance, and I use it daily!

24. Bacon T-Shirt

Most ketoers eat their fair share of bacon – let the world know about your love of bacon with this fun and high-quality T-shirt!

25. Blanched Almond Flour

Used in baking, a key ingredient in chaffles, a component in breading, and more, almond flour is a keto cook’s best friend! This is a big bag that’ll help the keto cook in your life make lots of fabulous keto dishes!

26. Body Fat Caliper & Measuring Tape

Scales can go up and down but the inches don’t lie! Track your weight loss accurately with this set of body fat calipers and measuring tape!

27. 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

Avocados are notoriously tricky to slice nicely and evenly, but with this handy device, you can slice your avocados perfectly every single time!

28. Lily’s Chocolate 6-Pack Sampler

Keto and chocolate don’t mix, unless it’s Lily’s Chocolate! Rich, creamy, dreamy and KETO-FRIENDLY, this 6-pack sampler is a tasty way to discover all the fabulous Lily’s chocolate products!

29. Monkfruit Sweetener

Sweet, all-natural, and great tasting, you’ll be baking again in no time with this bag of monkfruit sweetener.

30. Slow Cooker

Yes, they’ve been around for years, but there’s no easier appliance out there for set-it-and-forget it cooking than a handy and trusted slow cooker. You can make all sorts of keto casseroles, keto soups, and keto meals in this handy device! Get cookin’!

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