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Free Keto Meal Plan FAQ

Interested in starting a 7-day keto meal plan but you’ve got questions? This Keto Meal Plan FAQ will answer them all!

Did you already check out this week’s meal plan? Click here for the page with all the meal plans on it.

This Keto Meal Plan FAQ will address any questions you might have, so read on!

Is this really a free keto meal plan? What’s the catch?

Honest! There’s no catch! lf you love the meal plan, please share it with your other keto friends and keto groups!

I’m brand new to keto. How do I start keto?

I’ve got a “Getting Started Guide” on this page – check it out!

How can I get the weekly meal plan?

I’ll include the link to the weekly meal plan in my weekly newsletter. Please sign up for it so you never miss a week. Click on About KCW at the top of this page to get the newsletter signup.
If you’re on mobile, open the menu at the top of any page and click on About KCW for the newsletter popup.
You can also come back to the main keto meal plan page anytime.

Do I have to cook lunch and dinner EVERY day?

Goodness no! That’d be a lot of cooking! Some recipes make delicious leftovers, so I’ll suggest you make an extra serving for lunch the next day, or even another dinner.

I’m counting my keto macros – do your recipes have nutritional info?

Yes! Each recipe has the correct nutritional info based on per serving. Just calculate the net carbs and record the fat and protein per serving. If you’re having trouble calculating the net carbs, this calculator can help.

Are your recipes strict or dirty keto?

Most of my recipes are strict keto. There’s the odd bit of onion and a stray carrot here and there, but those ingredients are easy enough to avoid.

What if I don’t like the recipe?

No problem! Just swap it out with another recipe.

What about snacks?

If snacks fit into your macros or you’re doing lazy keto and aren’t counting, go for it! I’ve included an optional snack or two with every 7 day keto meal plan.

I also have to cook for my family – can they eat this food?

Absolutely! This is what I do in my house: I cook a keto meal that I can eat, but make enough servings for the whole family. I add rice, potatoes, or pasta for the rest of the family. This way, everyone is happy!

What if I have a cheat day?

Don’t sweat it, it happens! Just follow the steps in this Keto Cheat Day Recovery article and get back on track with your very next meal!

Do you have recipe books?

Yes! Jump over to this page to check out all my cookbooks.

I have more questions – where can I get help?

I’m sorry that I didn’t answer your question in this Keto Meal Plan FAQ! Send me an email – I’ll gladly help! Jenn@ketocookingwins.com

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I’m a cookbook author (Keto Soup Cookbook and Keto Diabetic Cookbook and Meal Plan) as well as a retired chef, recipe developer, and writer of this blog (that’s a lot of hats!). I embarked on a journey to create foodie-worthy Keto-friendly meals that any home cook can be proud of! No matter if you’re low-carb, no-carb, dirty, or strict Keto, there are recipes in Keto Cooking Wins for you and your family. Read more...

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